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ILS and VOR app, RNAV App are available, with X-plane 11.25. Verified








----RKTL(Uljin Airport) Scenery Package by Tony Jo----

 Uljin Airport is the Republic of Korea government owned airport for training Beginners to Professional Pilots in South korea
 located Uljin-Gun, east side of korea penisula, having approx. 6000ft Runway, Terminal, Surveillance Radar, ILS, VOR Equipments.
 Usually Only Trining purposes Aircraft, Twin Piston Airplane, Single Piston Airplane Accepted.


 Unzip, Copy RKTL_JKY folder into X-Plane 11\Custom Scenery\
 Run Simulator and It will automatically Add this Scenery to your X-Plane System, See if is there any problem with this, vicinity area.
 If you have any Photoreal or HD Mesh, Its fully compatible, but, be sure to Adjust Scenery_packs.ini,
 easily move SCENERY_PACK Custom Scenery/RKTL_JKY/ line to above Mesh or Terrain Data.


3.Known Bugs



4.Enjoy. Thanks.

Keunyeoung Jo(Tony)


- Download -

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