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This is the C172 From A2A

A2A Simulation Manufacturer is known as high quality add-ons for Flight Simulator X 

and recently released C172R (called C172 Trainer) and i bought it and tested on my computer

Exterior model as same as default C172 in FSX..

but the 4096 textures used

Interior model and textures are very impressive things

all needles and knobs are made of 3d components and its looks like real cessna

all buttons are controllable

i just started up

In run-up check..


Great resolution and realistic sounds

approaching now..

touch and go

stall test for aerodynamics check

Steep Turn

30 Degree turns

the sounds are realistic and all needles shakes when rolling and flying and it has its own maintanance hanger, and several control panels

the airplane memory its status when exit, and recalls that when select this airplane, so you should fix the things that has problem and 

check your airplane in detail if it have other significant signals

but the aerodynamics(control) are not compatible with my joystick.. because rudder does not move instantly

and elevator, ailerons are very sensitive, so i couldnt fly in straight over 1000ft.. its very hard to maintaining altitude and keeping V/S to 0

I think It will be fixed, A2A staffs knew that reports 

overall .. its quite good(sounds and model..), but some aerodynamic reactions must be fixed..

landing video

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  1. porco 2014.04.06 10:48 신고  Addr  Edit/Del  Reply

    질문 드려도 될까요? 혹시 계기판 기장석 조종간을 안보이게 하는 방법이 어떤 것인지요?

    • BlogIcon 조근영만세 2014.04.12 14:36 신고  Addr  Edit/Del

      기본적으로 포함되어 있는 디폴트 기체는 불가능합니다.
      A2A사의 C172는 요크 중앙을 마우스로 클릭하면 사라집니다.