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B737NG Series Electrical Diagram

*B737NG has 1 Battery, 2 IDG from each engine, 1 Generator from APU.

*IDG(Integrated Drive Generator = CSD(Constant Speed Drive)+Generator, Attached in the Acc. Gear box on each engine.

*AC power from Engine or APU supplied thru respective AC TRANSFER BUS and to the electrical unit requiring AC power.

*3 TR(Transfomer Rectifier) Units Convert AC to 24v DC. Supply DC Powers as well.

*TR 1,2 power DC BUS 1,2. TR3 is back up source.

*each AC TRANSFER BUS are supplied power with only one Generator at one time. 

*2 BTB(Bus Tie Breaker) controlled automatically which generator to be connected to each AC BUS

*GROUND SERVICE switch located FWD CABIN ATTENDENT's panel. so Cabin crew can interconnect AC power from External power to AC GND SERV BUS 1,2

Electrical panel on the FWD OVERHEAD

Battery is 28V. DC.

when the Battery is ON, these are powered on






*AUTO - Supply DC Power upon Battery is ON

*OFF - Open switch which is going to AC STANDBY BUS, DC STANDBY BUS

*BAT - Supply DC Power to BUSES

*STANDBY PWR OFF light illuminated when one of buses inoperative




*DRIVE light

If External power connected which has good quality, GRN POWER AVAILABLE illuminated. Positioning the Switch to ON makes all BTB connect, AC BUS 1 and 2 powered

*BUS TRANS - Bus tie transfer switch (guarded). it will disable Bus tie protection and opens Cross bus tie relay when positioned to OFF

*TRANSFER BUS OFF light illuminated when respective AC BUS not powered by any generator.

*SOURCE OFF light - Power source has not been manually selected, it doesn't mean AC BUSES not powered.

*Blue lights

GRD POWER AVAILABLE lights always illuminated whenever the Ground Cart is connected.

GEN OFF BUS illuminated when GB(Generator Breaker) opened. whether the engine is running or not.

APU GEN OFF BUS illuminated when APU started, reaches 95% of N1. this light gonna be turned off when you press APU GEN switch and power supplied by APU.

*CAB/UTIL switch - Supplies electrical power to galley and cabin

*IFE/PASS SEAT - Supplies electrical power to AVOD or Power line on each seat

*BAT DISCHARGE light illuminated when excessive battery use.

*TR UNIT illuminated when

Ground - any of TR 1,2,3 failed.

Flight - TR 1 or (TR3 and TR2) failed.

think about Cross bus tie relay

*ELEC light illuminated only on Ground. when DC Power system or Standby system has failed

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