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B737NG Fuel system Schematic.

*With total 6 pumps, 2 in the No.1 Tank, 2 in the Center Tank, 2 in the No.2 Tank. 

Pumps on each tank powered by different source(Left and Right AC) and center tank has higher pressure than other pumps. 

*Isolation valve located the center of fuel lines. with this valve, you can crossfeed fuel from other tank. it's source is Battery(DC)

also, you can transfer or manual defueling fuel with combination of fuel switch and ground equipment

*Without Pumps, each Engines can suction from respective Fuel Tank. 

*Scavange pump located in the Center tank, remaining portion of the fuel inside will be drawn by this pump

*APU connected to Left Tank manifold. Usually consumes fuel from Left Tank

*No Dumping, No Transfer.

*Lateral imbalance - scheduled to zero. max 453kgs(1000lbs)

*LOW OIL PRESSURE should be LOW PRESSURE on the pic.

*LOW PRESSURE light - low pump pressure

LOW PRESSURE light for center tank - illuminated only time when the switches are positioned to ON and has low pump pressure

*VALVE OPEN light illuminated when CROSSFEED valve is opened (always open X-Feed valve first if you see any imbalance to maintain manifold pressure)

*FILTER BYPASS light illuminated when filter contaminated and fuel bypasses to the engine.

Do not open Crossfeed with this light. otherwise, you will contaminate on the other side pump as well

*ENG FUEL VALVE powered by Battery bus, SPAR VALVE powered by Hot Battery Bus

If any valve light remains bright, It means there is a Disagreement between switch and valve.

controlled by 

Start lever

Fire handle

*Fuel temperature indicator located center of Fuel Control Panel. Maximum 49C Minimum -43C(3C above freezing point)

*Recall feature applied to this system. so, if one of the pump in the same tank is inoperative, no System annunciation and Master caution. 

You will see those lights when 2 pumps in the same tank are have LOW PRESSURE lights

*737 has 16 float stick(magnetic). 6 on left, 4 on belly, 6 on right. please make sure those fuel sticks are secured.

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